Venaseal Treatment – Philadelphia

What is the Venaseal™ closure system?

Venaseal™ treats venous reflux disease, or when blood collects in the leg veins instead of being sent back toward the heart. This can also cause varicose veins and pain. Since ineffective veins cannot be repaired, the procedure uses a medical adhesive to close off the vein, redirecting blood flow to healthy veins.

How does Venaseal™ treatment work?

The procedure uses a tiny incision and ultrasound to guide a catheter into the vein. The vein is then sealed up with medical adhesive, cutting off the route for the excess pooled blood causing the varicose vein. No compression stockings are required after the procedure to resume normal activity.

Venaseal Treatment

What happens during Venaseal™ treatment?

Dr. Ziad Hadaya will perform the Venaseal™ treatment with other trained clinicians. The treatment is performed using ultrasound to guide the catheter to the diseased vein. Patients report minimal bruising and inflammation after the procedure, with an ability to resume normal activity right away. We recommend taking 25mg of Benadryl daily for a few days after the procedure.If you would like more information about the Venaseal™ closure system or any of our other treatments for varicose or spider veins, contact us today. Call 267-728-7440 to schedule a consultation.