Spider Vein Treatment North-East Philly, Bucks County & Hamilton NJ.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are small visible veins in the skin of the legs, especially the thighs and knees, or even the face. They can be pink, blue, or purple. They are extremely common in women and may appear between ages 30 and 50, especially around pregnancy. About half of patients with spider veins deal with pain or swelling. Over 50% also have underlying problems with the veins themselves.

Spider Vein Treatment

What spider vein treatments are available?

Treatment usually involves the injection of a solution to shrink the vessel using a very fine needle and is nearly painless. Sometimes the vein may instantly disappear; in other cases, the vein may be more prominent for 4-6 weeks until the follow-up appointment.

Patients wear compression stockings for a few days after the procedure. Hot baths and sun exposure after the procedure are not recommended for 6 weeks.

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