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What is a visual sclerotherapy treatment?

Sclerotherapy is an affordable, minimally invasive treatment for spider veins or small varicose veins. Size is a big factor in whether the treatment can be successful or not. Sclerotherapy is performed with a tiny injection of a foam solution that irritates the vein. If the spider vein is directly under the skin, it is a “visual” procedure, and the vein doctor does not need to use an ultrasound.

Sclerotherapy Treatment

How is a visual sclerotherapy treatment performed?

At the Centers for Advanced Vein Treatment, Dr. Z.  Hadaya will disinfect the area and insert a tiny needle. The solution causes the vein to collapse. Sometimes, the vein can be seen vanishing instantly.

Dr. Hadaya will massage the treatment area to spread the solution and provide a pressure garment. Any tenderness in the area tends to fade within a few hours. The full sclerotherapy treatment takes only about 30 minutes with very little downtime.

Frequent walks are recommended after the treatment to encourage good blood flow. Sometimes, more than one session is needed to fade the vein completely. Dr. Hadaya can determine your needs and the best course of treatment. While sclerotherapy treatment is a powerful and affordable option for your spider veins, it cannot prevent new ones from forming.

Where can I find sclerotherapy near me?

At the Centers for Advanced Vein Treatment, Dr. Hadaya can complete the affordable and quick sclerotherapy procedure. Patients typically resume their daily activities the same day.

If you are interested in trying a cosmetic sclerotherapy treatment or improving your other varicose vein symptoms, Dr. Ziad Hadaya is available to help you. To schedule your consultation today, call us at 267-728-7440.