Clarivein™ Procedure – North-East Philly PA

What is a Clarivein™ treatment?

Clarivein™ uses both mechanical and physical action. It is one of the most minimally invasive options available for closing varicose veins. After Dr. Ziad Hadaya inserts a catheter into the vein, it spins rapidly, causing the vein to spasm. Next, Dr. Hadaya will seal up the vein walls.

Clarivein™ doesn’t use heat, and it only requires one needle site, reducing procedure time and preventing pain. The vein must meet certain size requirements, and the method is used only for veins below the knee.

The goal is to close the vein in as few treatments as possible. Clarivein™ can minimize trauma to the area compared with other vein treatments. Under the care of Dr. Ziad Hadaya, you will experience nothing more than mild discomfort during the procedure.

How can I find a Clarivein™ vein treatment near me?

Dr. Ziad Hadaya can help you during a consultation, during which ultrasound technology will be used to diagnose the problem and determine that Clarivein™ is the best treatment.

With an ultrasound, detailed images can be obtained. This way, Dr. Ziad Hadaya can see your vein perfectly to place the catheter in the correct spot.

When will I see results?

You can achieve results nearly immediately with Clarivein™. It will take some time for the closed vein to fade completely from view, but your veins will be functioning better right away once the procedure is complete.

If you would like more information about Clarivein™ or any of our other varicose vein treatments, schedule a consultation with us today. Call the Centers for Advanced Vein Treatment at 267-728-7440.