What Are Bulging Veins and How Can They be Reduced?


Bulging or enlarged veins can be uncomfortable and make you feel self-conscious. These occur when the vein’s valves are not functioning properly, causing restricted blood flow. Most of the time, bulging veins are not harmful and occur commonly in people who exercise frequently, have low body fat, or have poor circulation. However, in some cases, bulging veins can indicate underlying conditions, which is why it is always recommended to see a vein specialist for a proper examination.

Vein issues are common in both men and women of varying ages. The conditions range from mild and benign to painful and chronic. Most of these conditions are treatable, and anyone experiencing vein related symptoms should speak to an experienced specialist. The specialist will help diagnose and treat the condition and will ensure it doesn’t worsen.

Contact a vein doctor as soon as possible to discuss any concerns you may have and to discuss your conditions and treatment options.

What are the common causes of bulging veins?

It is critical to understand the potential causes contributing to bulging veins before approaching treatment. The following are some of the potential causes:

  •    Age – Aging comes with a lot of bodily changes, and can be a common cause of vein conditions, including bulging veins. As we grow older, the veins’ valves weaken and as a result, become enlarged and more visible through the skin.

  •    Low body fat – Not having good fat on your hands can worsen the condition and make your veins more prominent.
  •    Heavy or excessive exercise; daily heavy lifting activities  Exercising regularly increases the blood flow pressure in the body. Of course exercise is a normal part of a healthy lifestyle, however, if over exerted, can cause damage to the body.
  •    Phlebitis – Phlebitis is a diagnosable inflammatory condition that may be responsible for bulging veins and hands. It is directly related to blood clots or trauma to the vein. Not all cases of bulging veins are due to this condition, but it’s always best to see a specialist to rule it out.
  •    Genetics – Sometimes, problematic hand veins may occur because of heredity and genetic problems. You should consult your family doctor, examine your relatives’ medical history, and prepare to look for one of the reputed Vein Removal Clinics and other cosmetic treatment options to solve bulging veins.
  •    Hot weather – As it’s known, cold contracts and heat expands. High temperatures have this effect on the body and therefore can enlarge the veins and make them more challenging. It may become difficult for an individual to work correctly in hot climates.
  •    Varicose veins – Bulging and enlargement of the veins often accompany the presence of varicose veins. When the vein valves weaken, veins swell and can become painful and interfere with daily mobility. Treatment can be provided for both simultaneously.
  •    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – If left untreated, bulging hand veins can lead to a critical condition known as DVT. This generally occurs when a blood clot forms deep in the veins of the arm. DVT is severe enough to increase the risk of pulmonary embolism. This is why you should always see your specialist at the first sign of bulging, to rule out and prevent DVT.

What are the treatment options available for bulging hand veins?

The treatment options available for treating hand veins are fast and simple, once the particular case and condition have been determined. Here, we have outlined some treatment options available

  1. Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a cosmetic process that helps in reducing and treating veiny hands. It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves surgical removal of superficial veins. The affected veins may be removed to get rid of the condition. 

  2. Hand Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment option that heals varicose and spider veins. In this procedure, the specialist will inject the affected veins with a medicated solution which breaks down the inner lining of the vessels and results in shrinkage. As a result, the veins may collapse, and the condition may improve.

  3. Fat grafting also referred to as fat injections or fat transfer, is another surgical procedure that may help reduce the bulging and inflammation of the hands and the veins. This procedure uses natural fillers to augment the hand, which provides more space for the veins within the hand so they no longer push outwards. The appearance of the visible veins, tendons, and joints will be significantly reduced.

  4. Ligation is a process used for large veins and veins in critical condition. A small incision is made in the skin and the veins are surgically tied to prevent further pooling of blood. This procedure will require anesthesia.

  5. Platelets Rich Plasma Treatment is a process in which a few tubes of your own blood are drawn and put into a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets. The blood is then reinjected into the damaged, diseased, or inflamed tissue.
  1. Other medical and cosmetic treatment procedures such as chemical peels and laser resurfacing have proved to be effective in restoring the natural look of hands. These procedures can also be used effectively for other skin treatments such as fine wrinkles, skin discoloration, and age spots.

If you have been looking into Hand Vein Treatment for enlarged, bulging, inflamed, and varicose veins, consult a vein specialist that is experienced and suits your specific needs. An exceptional vein specialist will conduct a physical examination, determine the causes and extent of your symptoms and condition, and develop a plan for appropriate treatment, both short and long term. In addition, a specialist will also work with you to help make lifestyle changes that will improve your health and prevent further problems.